Ji Yun Kim

Biblia (A Book within a Book)



A Book within a Book

The word bible comes from the Greek word biblia, meaning books. A book constantly refers to an earlier book inside the bible so one can find such a unique aspect of a book: it contains another book. Biblia is the Holy Bible Red Letter Edition in which words spoken by Jesus are printed in red ink. It has seven books in total: six container shaped books and one final book, Genesis, which is the first book of the Bible that does not make any connection to other books. Number six represents the number of days that God worked when He created the world while number seven represents the day when God rested after his works of creation. The ribbon pieces are used in order to pull out the books easily, but they also indicate the order of books. The color goes lighter as the reader reaches toward the core of Biblia: Genesis.


Instructor: Peter Ahlberg
Featured in Playful Graphics: Graphic Design that Surprises


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